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Bloons TD 6 Heroes: Ranking and Guide

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Welcome, bloon poppers, to the ultimate guide to heroes in Bloons TD 6!

In this tower defense game, heroes play a crucial role in helping you defend against relentless bloon attacks. With different abilities, attack types, and special powers, heroes can turn the tide of the game and lead you to victory.

In this post, we will dive deep into the world of heroes, ranking them based on their overall performance from best to worst, and explore strategies to maximize their potential. So, grab your monkey towers, power up your abilities, and let's get popping!

All the heroes of Bloons TD 6 surrounding the Bloons TD 6 logo - sauda, etienne, admiral brickell, adora, pat futsy, ezili, benjamin, captain churchill, quincy, gwendolin, striker jones, obyn greenfoot
Bloons TD 6 Heroes

Understanding Heroes in Bloons TD 6

Before we jump into the hero rankings, it's essential to understand what heroes are all about. In Bloons Tower Defense (TD) 6, heroes are special units players can use to attack bloons, support towers, and even generate cash. But heroes are not just regular monkeys, oh no!

Bloons TD 6 Heroes level up, gain new abilities, and increase their popping power over time. To help you choose the right hero according to different situations, such as leveling up, expert maps, and more, we have created a list of the best heroes you should use in 2023.

What Makes a Hero?

What sets heroes apart from regular monkeys is their special abilities. Each hero has unique abilities ranging from explosive attacks, bonus damage, camo detection, lead bloon popping power, attack speed boosts, and more. They bring a new, dynamic element to tower defense strategy, making every game different.

How Do Heroes Impact Gameplay?

Heroes have a massive impact on gameplay, especially in late-game situations. They can be the last line of defense, dealing massive damage to incoming bloons. Their abilities can greatly impact the game by stunning bloons, slowing them down, or dealing massive damage to MOAB-class bloons. Heroes add an extra layer of strategy, making each game unique and exciting.

How do you unlock new heroes in Bloons TD 6?

New heroes in Bloons TD 6 can be unlocked by acquiring Monkey Money, the in-game currency. You can earn Monkey Money by completing levels, daily challenges, and special events. Once you have enough Monkey Money, use it to unlock new heroes and add them to your arsenal.

Bloons TD 6 Heroes Ranked from Best to Worst

Now, let's dive into the hero rankings, starting with the best of the best and working our way down. Remember, hero performance can vary depending on game modes, bloon types, and situations, so use this ranking as a general guide.

Benjamin from Bloons TD 6
Benjamin The Code Monkey

1. Benjamin The Code Monkey

Cost To Unlock: $3,000 | Best Map Types: Spread out, grid Based maps

At the top of our list is Benjamin, The Code Monkey. Benjamin's abilities center around generating extra cash for the players, making him an excellent hero for players who want to upgrade their towers and increase the amount of money they receive.

Benjamin possesses the skill to hack, enabling him to boost the player's earnings and impede the progress of bloons using his Trojan ability. Nevertheless, his limited combat capabilities render him susceptible during advanced rounds, emphasizing the need for robust towers to assist him.

Etienne from Bloons TD 6
Etienne The Drone Operator

2. Etienne The Drone Operator

Cost To Unlock: $5,000 | Best Map Types: Maps with obstacles

Next up, we have Etienne, The Drone Operator. Etienne is a versatile hero who can detect and target camo bloons, making him invaluable in rounds with camo bloons. His drone ability can stun and damage bloons and provide additional range for other regular towers.

With his level-up abilities, Etienne becomes even more effective in combat, making him a mighty hero to have on your side. Additionally, at Level 3, Etienne unlocks the ability to launch a drone swarm consisting of four temporary drones that deal more damage. This drone swarm further enhances Etienne's effectiveness in taking down bloons.

Sauda from Bloons TD 6
Sauda The Swordmaster

3. Sauda The Swordmaster

Cost To Unlock: $5,000 | Best Map Types: Close-quarters, circular maps

Sauda, The Swordmaster, takes the third spot on our list, focusing on close combat with her sword attacks. Her abilities include Whirling Blades, which deal area damage to nearby bloons, Blade Storm, which summons multiple swords to attack enemies, and Sword Charge, an activatable ability that causes Sauda to slide across the whole track popping all bloons she passes.

Sauda is an exceptional unit and a valuable hero for players who favor a powerful melee character, as she can engage with multiple bloons simultaneously.

Adora from Bloons TD 6
Adora The High Priestess

4. Adora The High Priestess

Cost To Unlock: $5,000 | Best Map Types: Crowded, multi-lane maps

Coming in at number four is Adora, The High Priestess, one of the most versatile heroes in Bloons TD 6. Adora can deal damage with her attacks and abilities and support nearby towers. Her ability, "Blood Sacrifice," sacrifices her own health to increase the damage of nearby towers, making her a valuable addition to any strategy.

Additionally, her "Sun Temple" ability transforms her into a strong temple, obliterating bloons with ease in a large area. With her LEVEL 20 upgrade, Adora can effectively take down a Big Airship of Doom (BAD) all by herself using her Ball of Light, increasing her damage by 18.

Admiral Brickell from Bloons TD 6
Admiral Brickell The Naval Commander

5. Admiral Brickell The Naval Commander

Cost To Unlock: $5,000 | Best Map Types: Water-based maps

Admiral Brickell, The Naval Commander, takes the fifth spot, focusing on naval warfare. Her abilities, such as "Naval Tactics" and "All Hands on Deck," summon naval units and boost attack speed for nearby boats, respectively.

Admiral Brickell is a formidable presence on water-based maps due to her powerful skill, "Moab Barrage," which enables her to inflict significant damage on MOAB-class bloons.

Pat Futsy from Bloons TD 6
Pat Futsy The Giant Monkey

6. Pat Fusty The Giant Monkey

Cost To Unlock: $3,000 | Best Map Types: Spread out, grid based maps

Pat Fusty, The Giant Monkey, swings his way into the sixth spot, boasting high HP and damage output. His abilities, such as a ground pound that stuns enemies, attack speed boosts, and massive damage to MOAB-class bloons, make him a powerful hero to have on your side.

Pair him with towers that benefit from attack speed boosts, and watch him wreak havoc on the bloons with his rallying roar.

Captain Churchill from Bloons TD 6
Captain Churchill The Tank

7. Captain Churchill The Tank

Cost To Unlock: $2,500 | Best Map Types: Maps with obstacles and straight lanes

Captain Churchill, The Tank, comes in at number seven, packing high health and damage output. With a grenade launcher, machine gun, and armored reinforcements, Churchill is a strong hero best used to defend against strong bloon waves. His ability, MOAB Barrage, deals massive damage to MOAB-class bloons, but his slower speed and lack of crowd control abilities can be a drawback.

It should be noted that Captain Churchill is unable to solo Dark Dirigible Titans (DDT.) MOAB-class bloons (the black torpedo-looking ones) without using his abilities, so players will have to either team up with more monkeys on their side or plan when to use one of his abilities to ensure they don't wipe out.

8. PSI the Psionic Monkey

Cost To Unlock: $5,000 | Best Map Types: Spread out maps

PSI, The Psionic Monkey, takes the eighth spot, focusing on support abilities. PSI can slow down and damage bloons with his abilities, such as "Mind Control" and "Brain Drain," which can take control of bloons and deal massive damage to MOAB-class bloons, respectively.

PSI is a great hero for players who need more crowd control, adding a new dimension of strategy to tower defense gameplay. PSI's Psionic Scream ability is his best asset, causing havoc against every type of bloon imaginable. Such power is justified by a lack of support and popping power in other areas.

Gwendolin from Bloons TD 6
Gwendolin The Pyromaniac

9. Gwendolin The Pyromaniac

Cost To Unlock: $1,500 | Best Map Types: Circlular, tight-quarters maps

Gwendolin, The Pyromaniac, claims the ninth spot with her fire-focused abilities. Her first ability, Molotov Cocktail, sets bloons on fire for extra damage over time, while Flame Wave creates a ring of flames around her, dealing heavy damage to nearby bloons.

With her ability, Firestorm, Gwendolin can unleash a blazing inferno, obliterating entire waves of bloons, including MOAB class bloons. She's a fiery addition to any fire-focused strategy or team composition, making her fire attacks a force to be reckoned with.

10. Geraldo The Mystic Shopkeeper

Cost To Unlock: $2,500 | Best Map Types: Spread out maps

Geraldo, The Mystic Shopkeeper, is about support, generating extra income, and reducing upgrade costs. With his abilities, players can purchase upgrades and sell towers at a better rate, all while summoning monkey banks that generate money over time. While Geraldo may not be the strongest combat hero, his support abilities can be essential for success, especially in higher levels.

Quincy from Bloons TD 6
Quincy The Archer

11. Quincy The Archer

Cost To Unlock: FREE | Best Map Types: Circular maps

Quincy, The Archer, takes the eleventh spot as the first hero players have access to in Bloons TD 6. Boasting his ability to pop up to two bloons at once with his arrows, Quincy provides players with some of the most versatility, especially for new players.

While best suited for early game stages, Quincy's attack speed and arrow damage upgrades make him a formidable hero in the right circumstances. With his affordability and early-game prowess, Quincy is a great hero of choice for new players looking to get a head start.

Ezili from Bloons TD 6
Ezili The Voodoo Monkey

12. Ezili The Voodoo Monkey

Cost To Unlock: $3,000 | Best Map Types: Single lane maps

Ezili, The Voodoo Monkey, comes in at twelve with her unique voodoo abilities. From damage over time and debuffing bloons to healing allies, Ezili's abilities are all about voodoo magic and her synergy with primary and military monkeys.

While her lack of range limits her effectiveness in certain maps, she's a hero that players who enjoy a challenge and non-traditional heroes should consider. With proper upgrades and placement, Ezili can be a powerful addition to any hero selection.

Obyn GreenFoot from Bloons TD 6
Obyn GreenFoot The Forest Guardian

13. Obyn Greenfoot The Forest Guardian

Cost To Unlock: $2,500 | Best Map Types: Maps with crowded lanes

Obyn Greenfoot, The Forest Guardian, takes the thirteenth spot, focusing on nature-based abilities. With his ability, "Wall of Trees," Obyn can damage and slow down bloons, while his "Druid of the Jungle" attacks nearby bloons with thorns.

Obyn's "Nature's Ward" ability enhances nearby plants, increasing attack speed and damage, making him an excellent hero for players who prefer a nature-based defense strategy.

Striker Jones from Bloons TD 6
Striker Jones The Artillery Commander

14. Striker Jones The Artillery Commander

Cost To Unlock: $2,500 | Best Map Types: Maps with long-straight lanes

Last but not least, we have Striker Jones, The Artillery Commander, claiming the fourteenth spot. Specializing in boosting damage and range of towers, Striker Jones excels in defensive playstyles.

His abilities, such as Artillery Command, Concussive Shell, Napalm Mortar, and synergistic Bomb Shooters, make him a force to be reckoned with, especially for players who want to maximize the effectiveness of their artillery towers.

Maximizing Your Heroes' Potential

Now that we've ranked the heroes let's talk about how to maximize their potential in the game. To do this, players should master heroes' abilities, nearby towers, and monkey knowledge. Understanding heroes' strengths, explosive attacks, bonus damage, attack speed, and different situations is crucial for maximizing heroes' performance. Popping power, infinite range, and tower defense game modes all play a role in maximizing heroes' potential.

Are There Strategies for Using Heroes Effectively?

Absolutely! Effective use of heroes, special abilities, bonus damage, and tower combinations is essential for success in tower defense games. Players should consider different heroes, abilities, game modes, bloon types, and nearby towers to use heroes effectively. Utilizing heroes' abilities, attack speed, and nearby towers strategically will lead players to victory, especially in late-game situations.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

In conclusion, understanding the heroes in Bloons TD 6 is crucial for maximizing your gameplay experience. Each hero has unique abilities and strengths that can significantly impact your strategy.

From the top-ranked hero, Benjamin the Code Monkey, to the mystical Geraldo the Mystic Shopkeeper, there is a hero for every player's style. Experiment with different combinations and strategies to find the perfect hero lineup that suits your playstyle.

Remember, heroes play a vital role in your defense against the relentless bloons. So, choose wisely and have fun popping those balloons! Now, go forth and conquer the Bloons TD 6 world with your mighty heroes!

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