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Explore The Infinite Universe With No Man's Sky Fractal Update - Patch 4.1

No Man's Sky Fractal Update 4.1

No man's Sky Fractal is a huge update! It's been over 6 years since the game was launched, and it is still receiving significant support from the developers (Hello Games). With the Fractal 4.1 update, players will encounter discoveries and experience tons of accessibility and quality-of-life improvements, gyroscopic control support, PlayStation®VR2 support, and a lot more! The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass, so even if you don't own it or have never played it, subscribers can check it out today at no extra cost.

Utopia Expedition

Trade routes have been halted, and the Space Station has been abandoned. It is rotting, and intelligent lifeforms have fled the once-prosperous Bakkin system. Outside of the shelter of a planetary base, unusual solar activity prevents the creation of items.

Thankfully, the kind Utopia Foundation is coordinating an extensive reconstruction effort to benefit all. Help make Bakkin beautiful and productive again by joining the collaborative habitation team!

Utopia Speeder Starship

Complete the full set of Utopia Foundation initiatives to unlock the new Utopia Speeder starship. This multipurpose spacecraft is designed with an aerodynamic shape for maneuverability in orbit and is equipped with radiation-resistant armor.

VIDEO: No Man's Sky Fractal Update Trailer

Check out more No Man's Sky videos on the Hello Games YouTube page.

New Wonders Section In The Catalog

Explore your most impressive and strange finds in the new Wonders section of the Catalog (Wonders Catalogue). From the world's most giant herbivorous creature to the planet's oldest tree, take an unforgettable tour of souvenirs from your journey. The No Man's Sky Fractal update brings many new wonders and artifacts.

Better HDR Lighting

In the No Man's Sky Fractal update, the colors and tones of the universe have been calibrated closer to that of a typical dynamic range display while still drawing from the brilliant lights and dark shadows of HDR in color grading for high dynamic range (HDR) displays.


No Man's Sky is a more immersed Virtual Reality experience than ever, thanks to its compatibility with the new PSVR2 hardware. Travelers may pilot spacecraft, wield Multi-Tools with the latest ergonomic Sense controllers, and experience many gameplay and quality-of-life improvements in up to 4K resolution.

screenshot of no man's sky in vr
No Man's Sky Fractal VR Update

Nexus Missions on Switch

With the No Man's Sky Fractal update, Nintendo Switch players can sign up at the Space Anamoly to embark on new missions.

  • Added new mission types: Discovery, Combat, and Base Building.

  • Quicksilver missions are now available every day, with a bonus at weekends.

  • Missions can be undertaken solo or co-operatively with friends.

Home Screen Game Options

With the No Man's Sky Fractal update, players can access settings and gameplay options from the main menu. You no longer have to wait for the game to load to make tweaks and adjustments to your gameplay and graphics settings.

Virtual Reality Overhaul

The No Man's Sky Fractal update introduces a much improved VR experience. The Personal Forcefield will move to your non-dominant hand, allowing players to deflect enemy fire better while playing with a controller tracked in each hand. With new Target Sweep and Hotspot Surveying controls for the Analysis Visor, it's easier to find mission locations and power hotspots.

VR Galaxy Map

The VR Galaxy Map's navigation and selection of warp destinations have been improved, and VR travelers can now reach the galaxy's center.

screenshot of a spaceship in flight from no man's sky
No Man's Sky Spaceship

New Accessibility Features

With the No Man's Sky Fractal update, you can customize your experience for accessibility and ease of use with many new game options. With the release of new features, such as cameras and controls, users may now adjust visual effects to their liking.

When centered on the screen, specific configurations enable the Analysis Visor to automatically analyze animals, flora, and minerals without requiring a second simultaneous push.

Some menu text may now be enlarged to make reading easier, particularly from a distance, in addition to the existing HUD Scale option.

Tweakable Gameplay

The player character may now use the Multi-Tool with their left hand, which can be seen on the right side of the screen.

The third-person camera's automatic rotation may be disabled, allowing complete manual control of the camera rotation.

Players may be granted network privileges that allow them to view the contents of your refiner.

The latest No Man's Sky update also allows you to change the game language independently of your system language.

Quality of Life

The No Man's Sky Fractal update brings quality-of-life improvements across various gameplay elements thanks to a new round of "polish."

With the quick charge, you may completely refuel base components like refiners with a single click.

The method for synchronizing the contents of your refiner in multiplayer has been completely reworked, providing better stability.

An emergency warp button will let you reset your position to save any ambitious builders trapped inside the freighter base.

Motion Controls

Stick input is improved with gyroscopic motion sensor control on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

When used with the Multi-Tool, you'll have effortless accuracy while aiming at opponents. You'll feel immersed when you use the Analysis Visor to survey flora.

Particular contexts may be enabled or disabled for motion control. The Options menu allows you to adjust sensitivity and smoothing.

Expanded Starship Fleets

With No Man's Sky Fractal, you can grow and diversify your ship collection with three additional slots and a maximum fleet size of twelve.

No Man's Sky Fractal - 4.1 Patch Notes

These are key patch notes from the 4.1 No Man's Sky Fractal update. For a complete list of game enhancements and patches, visit the official No Man's Sky Fractal update page.


  • No Man's Sky now fully supports PlayStation®VR2.

  • PS VR2 benefits from a high-res display, higher-quality textures, improved particle rendering, terrain tessellation effects, increased planetary details, increased draw distances, and more.


  • A new section has been added to the Catalogue – "Wonders."

  • The Wonders Catalogue tracks your play and records notable discoveries, planetary extremes, and unusual objects collected.


  • Nintendo Switch and PlayStation players can now enable motion-sensor-based gyro controls.


  • The various options menus have been reworked to accommodate a new suite of options and help players quickly navigate to whichever option they wish to change.

  • Options can now be adjusted from the boot and save select screens, allowing customization before starting a game.

  • On PC, video and graphics options have been merged into one page for ease of use.


  • Dynamic Resolution Scaling has been added for PlayStation 5. This technology allows the game to maintain a consistent framerate across all scenarios and significantly improve image quality in some situations, such as during spaceflight.

  • PlayStation 5 now supports AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 technology, providing high-quality images and improved framerates.


  • Many new player titles have been added, earned by progressing through various core and factional milestones.

  • The maximum number of owned starships has increased from nine to twelve.

  • Players can now "Quick Charge," a technology, without dragging and dropping the fuel into the selected slot. Select and drop functionality has been retained for players who wish to fine-tune the amount of charging substance used.


  • The networking system for persistent interactions has been rewritten for increased stability and robustness. This fix addresses several issues that could cause the saved state of objects, such as refiners, to be reset upon entering or leaving a multiplayer session.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the camera shake from applying correctly near a black hole.

  • Fixed several issues that could cause volcanoes to block access to mission-critical buildings.

  • Fixed several issues that could cause players to become stuck inside volcanoes.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some planetary objects to appear in low detail, even at close range.


  • All Nexus missions, including Quicksilver rewards, are now available to Nintendo Switch players.

  • The "Trace of Metal" mission chain is now available to Nintendo Switch players. This story-driven mission has several unique rewards, including a drone companion and Sentinel-related customization options for the Minotaur.


  • A brand new expedition, "Utopia," will begin shortly after the release of the Fractal update.

  • The Utopia expedition will see players working for the mysterious Utopia Foundation as they attempt to rebuild the planets of an abandoned solar system.


  • The visual effects for portals and their interactions have been significantly improved.

  • The color diversity of non-Euclid galaxies in the galaxy map has been improved.

Is now a good time to get into playing No Man's Sky?

Now is an excellent time to get into playing No Man's Sky! The game has been completely revamped since its launch. It now features a robust multiplayer mode, a wide variety of planets to explore, and endless opportunities for crafting and trading.

What is in the No Man's Sky Fractal update?

Suppose you're seeking an immersive space exploration experience with plenty of challenges and rewards. In that case, No Man's Sky is worth checking out! With the introduction of the No Man's Sky Fractal update, the game now has improved visuals, a more intuitive user interface, better VR support, and a ton more!



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