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How to get Oscar's Society Medallion in Fortnite

Are you ready to track down Oscar and take his Society Medallion? This prestigious item not only offers valuable protection, but it also unlocks a vault full of powerful loot.

In this guide, I'll show you how to obtain Oscar's Society Medallion, where to find it, and how to make the most of its unique abilities. So, grab your battle royale gear and let's dive into this thrilling adventure!

Oscar dropped his Society Medallion and other loot in Fortnite Chapter 5
Oscar dropped his Society Medallion

What is Oscar's Society Medallion?

If you're new to Fortnite Chapter 5, you may be wondering what exactly Oscar's Society Medallion is. Well, let me enlighten you!

Society medallions, including the one Oscar has, are special items that provide an extra shield boost when carried. These medallions offer valuable protection during battles and exploration, increasing your chances of survival.

With society medallions, you can strategically gain an advantage in battle, increasing your chance of victory!

Collecting all five society medallions even grants you the maximum shield regeneration boost, giving you a leg up in intense gameplay.

Society Medallions Can Protect You

Hoarding these society medallions is like having a secret shield rapid recharge system.

Who knew that something as snooty as a medallion could tip the scales in your favor? Plus, the more, the merrier – collecting all five creates a shield regeneration boost that even Peter Griffin would envy.

McScratchey's Fortnite character unlocks the Lavish Lair Vault
Unlocking the Lavish Lair Vault

Medallions Can Unlock Vaults With Mod Benches Inside

But wait, there's more to society medallions than just shield buffs! These Fortnite medallions play a crucial role in unlocking a secret vault at the Lavish Lair.

Inside this vault, you'll find a mod bench where you can upgrade your weapons, giving you a significant advantage in battle.

Imagine finding rare weapons and a mod bench that enhances your weapon's accuracy, damage, or fire rate. With society medallions, you open the door to a world of powerful loot and endless possibilities.

Where to Find Oscar's Society Medallion in Fortnite

Now that you understand the value of society medallions, let's talk about where you can find Oscar's Society Medallion specifically.

Prepare yourself for an adventure to the Lavish Lair, an opulent mansion located on the North side of the map, nestled in a snow-covered forest near a flowing river. This astounding hideaway is a sight to behold, with its sprawling architecture and lush decorations. It's also where Oscar hides out.

The Lavish Lair, seen from the outside, in Fortnite Chapter 5
Lavish Lair Fortnite Chapter 5

Head To The Lavish Lair

To begin your journey, make your way to the Lavish Lair, but be cautious, as it is heavily guarded by Oscar's henchmen. Sneaking in through the back entrance will give you a better chance of avoiding their watchful eyes.

As you approach the fountain, you'll notice a golden chest filled with loot, providing you with extra weapons and ammo to aid you in your battle against Oscar.

Oscar the Society Boss from Fortnite shoots a ton of bullets towards the player, missing completely
Society Boss Oscar lays down a stream of bullets

Take Down Oscar, He's The Boss

Once inside, prepare yourself for an epic battle against none other than Oscar himself. As a formidable boss, Oscar won't go down without a fight.

Engage in strategic gameplay, utilizing your skills and combat maneuvers to overcome him. Defeating Oscar is not only an exciting side quest, but it's also the key to obtaining his prized Society Medallion.

How to Use Oscar's Society Medallion in Fortnite

Congratulations! You've triumphed over Oscar and obtained his society medallion. Now, let's explore how you can make the most of this valuable item.

Use The Medallion To Unlock The Lavish Lair Vault

As I already mentioned, Oscar's Society Medallion is essential for unlocking the vault hidden within the Lavish Lair. Once unlocked, the vault reveals a mod bench where you can upgrade your weapons, giving them a powerful edge.

Keep The Medallion For A Shield Boost

Every shield increases the rate at which your shields regenerate, without using up an inventory slot. Therefore, there is little reason to discard it. However, there is a downside. The more medallions you possess, the more easily your enemies can locate you. Each player with a medallion is indicated on the map, but not with precise coordinates. As the number of medallions increases, the radius decreases, making detection easier.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Oscar's Medallion in Fortnite adds an exciting new element to the gameplay. It not only grants access to valuable loot and upgrades but also presents a strategic decision on whether to keep it for shield boosts or risk being more easily detected by enemies.

So, equip yourself with this powerful item and embrace the challenge of taking down Oscar while unlocking hidden treasures in the process. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will test your skills and decision-making abilities.


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