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How To Unlock the Ritzy Riviera Vault in Fortnite Chapter 5

Fortnite Chapter 5 has introduced the Ritzy Riviera, a new location that offers both beauty and challenge. The Ritzy Riviera Vault, located in this picturesque harbor, is the centerpiece of this area, promising a bounty of valuable loot for those skilled enough to access it.

A player in a Christmas box skin looks at a mystery loot box in the Ritzy Riviera Vault.
A loot box inside of the Ritzy Riviera Vault

Key to the Vault: Legion Heavy Elite Soldier

The keycard needed to access the Ritzy Riviera Vault is held by the Legion Heavy Elite Soldier. This formidable guard is stationed in the southernmost building of the Riviera, easily identifiable on the map. A strategic approach is essential: avoid triggering the outside security cameras and head to the top of the building. A silent takedown of the soldier will secure you the keycard needed to unlock the vault below.

The Vault's Riches

Descend into the basement of the mansion, where the vault is housed. This secure location holds three types of chests, each offering different levels of loot. However, players should note that there is no mod bench at this location. The chests provide a decent headstart with a range of items, but the absence of a mod bench means players will need to be judicious with their weapon choices.

Strategic Considerations

The Ritzy Riviera's location at the edge of the map poses a strategic challenge. Players should always be aware of the encroaching storm and plan their escape routes early. Vehicles and Launchpads in the vicinity can aid in a quick getaway.

Beyond the Vault

In addition to the vault, the docks, piers, and boats around the Ritzy Riviera are ripe with loot. These areas often offer high-value items and pickups, presenting a viable alternative to the vault, especially for players looking to avoid conflict.

A loot box at the Ritzy Riviera docks in Fortnite Chapter 5
Loot found at the Ritzy Riviera docks

A Chapter of Diverse Challenges

Fortnite Chapter 5 is not just about Ritzy Riviera; it introduces a range of new locations like Hazy Hillside, Reckless Railways, Snooty Steppes, and more. Each location, including the snowy expanses of Grand Glacier and the mysterious corridors of Lavish Lair, brings its unique set of challenges and rewards.

Embrace the New Arsenal

This chapter introduces new weapons such as the Hyper SMG, Hammer Pump Shotgun, and Frenzy Auto Shotgun. Weapon Cases, now a part of the game, are located in vaults across various locations, including Ritzy Riviera. These cases, along with Mod Benches found in other vaults, allow players to significantly upgrade their armament.

McScratchey's Final Thoughts

The Ritzy Riviera in Fortnite Chapter 5 offers a blend of scenic beauty and tactical gameplay. Whether it's cracking the vault, exploring new biomes, or mastering new weapons, this chapter invites players to immerse themselves in a world of diverse challenges and rewards. So, gear up, strategize, and step into the world of Ritzy Riviera and beyond.


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