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Pet Sim 99 Update 2: Unwrapping a Blizzard of Festive Fun in Roblox!

Grab your mittens and hot cocoa because Pet Simulator 99 Update 2 has snowballed into a full-blown blizzard of holiday cheer!

The world transforms into a winter wonderland, bursting with exclusive surprises, sparkling new features, and enough festive fun to melt Scrooge's heart. But hold on, this isn't just a sugar-coated sprinkle of holiday spirit – it's an avalanche of epic proportions, designed to keep you hooked until the spring thaw.

A pile of presents and a snowy scene grace Pet Simulator 99 with their presence!
Seasons Greetings From Pet Sim 99!

Unwrap a Treasure Chest of Festive Features

Frosty Spawn

Cozy Up in the Gingerbread Village: Ditch the plain old spawn and snuggle into the heart of the holiday festivities! The Gingerbread Village is your new starting point, adorned with whimsical gingerbread houses and mischievous elves who shower you with presents (hint: open them for epic loot!). Don't forget to grab a fluffy winter coat for your pets, they'll thank you for it later when snowballing becomes the hottest trend in town.

Hatchtastic Eggs

Crack Open a Rainbow of Surprises: Forget store-bought decorations, hatch your own holiday cheer with exclusive eggs! Crack open the Cozy Egg and cuddle with the purrfect companion – the adorable Calico Cat. Feeling adventurous? Chase rainbows with the mystical Rainbow Slime Egg and see what magical creatures slither out. Remember, the possibilities are as endless as a snowman factory on overdrive!

Go Big or Go Home

The Titanic Silver Dragon Takes Flight: Prepare to be awestruck by the colossal Titanic Silver Dragon, the first-ever free-to-play Titanic pet! No holiday gift box is too big for this majestic beast. Hatch it from Christmas presents scattered across the map and dominate the leaderboards. Imagine the astonished faces of your rivals as you soar through the frosty skies on this magnificent beast!

A present on the ground in Pet Sim 99, McScratchey's Roblox character stands nearby ready to open it.
Collect presents scattered throughout the world and combine smaller presents to make big ones!

Deck the Halls with Festive Frolicking

Candy Cane Chaos

Unleash Your Inner Elf: Forget milk and cookies, these elves love smashing candy canes! Join the sugar-fueled frenzy and pulverize candy cane breakables for hidden goodies. Feeling mischievous? Grab the ultimate snowball launcher and turn your friends into living snowmen (don't worry, they'll forgive you… eventually). Winter in Pet Simulator 99 isn't just about cozy nights by the fireplace, it's about unleashing your inner holiday hooligan!

Present Frenzy

Unwrap a World of Surprise: Get ready for a present bonanza! From small surprise packages to colossal Titanic Presents, gather them all in exciting new areas like the sparkling Rainbow River and the frosty peak of Frost Mountain. Every unwrapping is a gamble, with rare drops, random pets, and maybe even the grand prize – a Titanic Present overflowing with epic surprises. It's like Christmas morning every day, except with way cooler loot! And if you're lucky, you might even find a HUGE Jolly Narwhal inside one of those presents.

Clan Spirit

Unite and Conquer the Christmas Cheer: Forget going solo, this holiday season is all about teamwork! Gather your squad and join the epic Christmas Clan Battles. Hatch presents for your Clan, work together to climb the leaderboard, and score exclusive rewards like the Huge Present Cat – a cuddly symbol of your festive dominance. Remember, there's nothing more satisfying than celebrating with your friends during the most wonderful time of the year!

What's new in Pet Simulator 99 Update 2 - New areas, new pets, new eggsa, new upgrades, new hoverboards, new trading booths, crystal chest huge
Some of the many changes added to update 2

Bonus Holiday Bonanza

Presents Get an Upgrade

The Upgrade Presents Machine: Tired of puny little presents? Upgrade the Presents Machine and combine smaller presents into bigger presents with the magical Upgrade Presents Machine. It's like alchemy for Christmas presents, and who knows what amazing treasures await inside those bigger boxes? Just imagine, a tiny stocking stuffer could transform into a sleigh full of surprises!

The Snow Merchant

Your Frosty Friend: Forget shopping malls, the Snow Merchant offers the coolest holiday goodies in town! Trade your hard-earned gems for festive hats, adorable snowman backpacks, and maybe even a pet penguin to keep you company on your winter adventures. Remember, the Snow Merchant isn't just a vendor, he's a symbol of the wintry spirit in Pet Simulator 99. Be sure to give him a friendly hello!

Limited-Time Shop

Don't Miss Out on Festive Exclusives: Skip the crowded lines and head to the exclusive Holiday Shop! Stock up on wintry wonders you won't find anywhere else – like exclusive pets with frosty abilities, dazzling outfits that would make Santa jealous, and accessories that scream holiday cheer. Remember, these festive treats are only available for a limited time, so grab them before they melt away!

McScratchey's Roblox character gets ready to do unlock a reward, but must first complete the challenge
A lot of fun bonuses and exciting levels await!

Unwrap Even More Excitement

Promo Code Power

Become a Secret Santa: Unleash hidden bonuses with promo codes. Keep your eyes peeled, these codes could be lurking on the official Pet Simulator 99 X account (formerly Twitter)(@BuildIntoGames) or hidden as cryptic clues within YouTube videos! Be a social spy, and you might just stumble upon the key to epic rewards.

Currently, there are no active Pet Simulator 99 promo codes. Past promo codes include:





Collect Festive Cheer

Gingerbread Snowflakes and a Giant Surprise: Scattered throughout the winter wonderland are shimmering gingerbread snowflakes. Gather them like precious ornaments and watch the magic unfold! Fill the giant Gingerbread Chest with enough snowflakes, and prepare to be showered with a holiday spectacle you won't soon forget. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work, so collaborate with your friends and neighbors to unlock this epic reward!

Share the Joy

Custom Messages and Spreading the Cheer: Leave your mark on the Pet Simulator 99 world with custom messages! Scribble a festive greeting on your Clan banner, personalize your ornament on the town square, or even leave a friendly note on a friend's pet. Remember, your words can bring a smile to someone's face, making the holiday spirit even more contagious.

Don't Forget the Classics

Holiday Events and Timeless Fun: While Update 2 adds a blizzard of new features, it doesn't forget the classics! The Trading Plaza remains the bustling heart of the community, where you can trade pets, share tips, and show off your latest festive finds. Remember, a friendly rivalry adds spice to the season, so negotiate for those rare pets with a twinkle in your eye. This update also includes improvements for newer players, ensuring that they have a smoother experience from the start.

Beyond the Game

Merchandise, Anime, and a World of Possibilities: Pet Simulator 99's magic extends far beyond the screen! Snag some adorable Pet Sim merch (plushies, anyone?) or channel your inner anime fan with collectible figures. These goodies allow you to carry the cheer with you into the real world, reminding you of the adventures that await in the magical land of Pet Simulator 99.

A Winter Wonderland Awaits

Pet Simulator 99's Update 2 is more than just an update; it's a festive extravaganza in the Roblox world. This update packs in fresh pets, fun new features, and a festive vibe, making it a blast for both new and seasoned players. Watch the full preview video on YouTube.

So, put on your Santa hat, gather your pets, and dive into the enchanting world of Pet Simulator 99. Open presents, collect rare pets, and enjoy the festive season in this wonderful Roblox experience!

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