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Could Scalebound Finally Get a Release Date?

Remember Scalebound? The game that got our hopes up and then crushed them into a million pieces when it got canceled? Hold on to your seat because some good news might be on the horizon. Let's revisit the history of Scalebound's initial development and heartbreaking cancellation.

But don't worry; we won't leave you feeling sad and nostalgic for what could have been. We'll also discuss the possibility of its revival and how it could change the RPG genre forever. Plus, we'll dive into the juicy talks between Microsoft and Platinum Games about bringing Scalebound back to life. And let's not forget what this could mean for Xbox Game Pass! So grab your popcorn, sit back, and let's explore if there's still hope for Scalebound.

Scalebound logo with a dragon faded into the background

History of Scalebound's Initial Development and Cancellation

Once upon a time, in 2014, Xbox fans were ecstatic when PlatinumGames and Microsoft Studios unveiled Scalebound. This ambitious Xbox One exclusive promised an exhilarating blend of action RPG gameplay and the thrill of commanding dragon companions. But alas, development troubles plagued the game, resulting in multiple delays.

Eventually, Microsoft made the heartbreaking decision to cancel Scalebound in 2017, leaving fans yearning for a glimmer of hope for its revival confirmation. And now, whispers and rumors suggest that there may be a chance for Scalebound to rise from the ashes and spread its wings on the Xbox Series X|S and PC.

A screenshot of Scalebound gameplay from E3 2016
Scalebound Gameplay (E3 2016)

Concept and Gameplay of Scalebound

Alrighty, let's dive into the concept and gameplay of Scalebound! This Xbox-exclusive action RPG had quite the journey during its development. Inspired by the 1987 game Sorcerian, Scalebound introduced a unique twist where players could control a dragon and engage in epic battles. The gameplay included exploration, combat, and the ability to customize the player character and the dragon.

With 80% of the game's world based on Earth's landscape and the remaining 20% shaped by the enigmatic Pulse energy, players were in for a visually stunning adventure. Sadly, despite its promising concept, Scalebound met an unfortunate fate and was canceled in 2017 due to development issues, leaving fans disheartened. But hey, let's keep our scales crossed for a potential revival in the future!

The Impact of Scalebound's Cancellation on the Gaming Community

Gamers were left feeling crushed when the highly anticipated Scalebound was canceled. The development team's future projects were also impacted, and Microsoft may have faced financial and reputational losses as the publisher. This cancellation also highlighted the importance of open communication between developers and publishers in the gaming industry. The disappointment and fallout from Scalebound's cancellation reverberated throughout the gaming community.

Why Did Microsoft Cancel Scalebound?

Microsoft decided to cancel Scalebound due to development challenges and concerns about the game's quality. There were disagreements between PlatinumGames and Microsoft regarding the direction of the game, leading to its unfortunate cancellation. Xbox Boss Phil Spencer stated that the news was disappointing for fans eagerly awaiting its release.

There is still hope that Scalebound may be revived with the involvement of Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya. During a previous interview, Kamiya acknowledged that his team had inadequate experience with the Unreal engine, resulting in numerous challenges during game development.

A screenshot of a massive enemy from Scalebound
Massive Enemies

The Possibility of Scalebound's Revival

Microsoft's recent decision to renew the trademark for Scalebound has ignited rumors of a potential revival. The game's original developer, PlatinumGames, seems interested in picking up where they left off. Fans eagerly hope that the game's unique gameplay mechanics and dragon companions will once again grace our screens.

However, there are valid concerns about the challenges of reviving an old project and the possibility of it being quite different from its original concept. Only time will reveal if Scalebound's cancellation will finally rise from the ashes.

How Could the Return of Scalebound Influence the RPG Genre?

The revival of Scalebound has the potential to bring fresh ideas and innovation to the RPG genre. The original game was developed with the Unreal Engine, and reviving the game with Unreal 5 could offer tremendous benefits.

It could inspire developers to take risks and push the boundaries of what is possible in RPGs, leading to more investment in similar projects and new opportunities for game developers and players. The impact on the RPG genre will ultimately depend on its reception and whether it can deliver on its promises.

The main character from Scalebound
It's Time To Talk

Microsoft and Platinum Games: The Revival Talks

Reflecting on Scalebound's cancellation in May 2019, Platinum studio head Atsushi Inaba humorously stated that it "wasn't easy" to see Microsoft receive criticism for the decision, as he felt "both sides failed" and the game "didn't do all the things we needed to do."

Recent talks between Microsoft and Platinum Games have sparked excitement and anticipation for a possible scalebound revival. Fans eagerly speculate about potential changes to gameplay and the game's impact on the industry.

What Would Scalebound's Release Mean for Xbox Game Pass?

Scalebound's release on Xbox Game Pass could be a game-changer. It has the potential to attract new subscribers and retain existing ones. If successful, it may pave the way for more exclusive releases on the platform. However, the impact will ultimately depend on the quality of the final product.


In conclusion, the cancellation of the Scalebound project left many gamers disappointed and curious about its future. The game had a unique concept and gameplay that piqued the interest of RPG fans. However, the reasons behind its cancellation by Microsoft were never fully disclosed, leaving fans wondering if there was still hope for a revival.

Recent talks between Microsoft and Platinum Games have sparked speculation about the game's potential return, which has excited the gaming community. If Scalebound were to make a comeback, it could significantly impact the RPG genre and attract new players to Xbox Game Pass. While nothing is set in stone, gamers can't help but dream of the day Scalebound finally gets a release date. Until then, we at least have a new Fable game to look forward to.


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