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Atomic Heart: A Fool's Paradise Disguised As Utopia

As the saying goes, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Such is the case with Atomic Heart. Developed by Mundfish and published by Focus Entertainment, Atomic Heart takes place in a utopian world in an alternate history. Upon first glance, everything appears to be perfect; an idyllic town where harmony between humans and robots reigns supreme. But as you scratch beneath the surface, a much more sinister reality begins to shape.

A global conspiracy has given rise to mutant creatures, terrifying machines, and superpowered robots rebelling against their creators. It falls on you to stop them and uncover what lies behind this idealized facade.


To uncover the truth, you'll need to use your combat abilities, cutting-edge weaponry, and resourcefulness to survive explosive encounters with these foes. You'll also need to adapt your fighting style to each unique opponent, using the environment and upgrading your equipment as you go.

Uncovering the conspiracy is the only hope to save this utopia from descending into a mad nightmare.

Trailers and gameplay

VIDEO: Atomic Heart Official Trailer

VIDEO: Atomic Heart Combat Gameplay

Atomic Heart Screenshots

Game features

The game features include Various weapon types to suit your playstyle, including melee and ranged options, and an upgrade system that allows you to customize your equipment. This unique setting combines sci-fi and fantasy elements and Intense combat encounters with various enemies, each with their powers and weaknesses.


An alternate history with an exciting twist

Atomic Heart takes place in 1955 when an alternate history allowed the USSR to use robotics to take down Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The unstoppable course of technology and secret experiments created crazy creatures, leading to frenetic encounters in a sublime utopian world. Major Nechaev is the protagonist, a mentally unstable officer on special assignments. Major P-3, or simply "P-3," is dispatched by professor Sechenov to keep the situation at Soviet facility 3826 from deteriorating.

Utopia is insane and surreal

Atomic Heart is set in an alternate history version of the Soviet Union where the world appears to be perfect, but underlying madness and conspiracy brew just below the surface. In this first-person shooter, you'll need to use all of your combat abilities and weaponry to survive against giant robots, mutated creatures, and other foes that stand in your way. You'll also need to master different techniques to remove each unique opponent while using your environment entirely. Only by uncovering the truth behind this sublime utopia can you hope to save it from descending into a mad nightmare.

Combat of the visceral and spectacular variety

In Atomic Heart, combat is about more than just shooting your enemies. You'll need to use all of your skills to survive against the game's varied foes. From giant robots to mutated creatures, each opponent presents a unique challenge that must be overcome. You'll need to master different weapons and fighting styles while entirely using the environment if you hope to succeed. From an experimental power glove to an arsenal of blades and cutting-edge weapons, there are various ways to stack your arsenal for the perfect attack.

Machines and mutants of massive proportions

atomic Heart's enemies are imposing and intimidating. You'll be up against giant robots, towering mutants, and other horrors. Each enemy presents a unique challenge that must be overcome using different weapons and tactics. Luckily, you can use the environment to your advantage in battle. Use cover to stay hidden from foes or lure them into traps; it'll take more than just firepower to come out victorious (the axe looks fun).

A world on the brink of collapse

The alternate history Soviet Union of Atomic Heart is a utopia on the brink of collapse. Underneath the veneer of perfection lies a world of secrets and conspiracies. Uncovering the truth can save this utopia from descending into madness.

Arsenal and equipment that's fully upgradeable

In Atomic Heart, you'll have access to an arsenal of upgradable weapons and equipment. With various ways to customize your loadout, you can tailor your fighting style to fit any situation. Use experimental gloves to unleash powerful attacks or take advantage of cutting-edge tech to even the odds against your enemies.


Choose Your Edition

There are three different editions of Atomic Heart: The Standard Edition, The Gold Edition, and The Premium Edition. Choose the edition that best fits your needs and prepare to enter a utopian world of wonders.

Standard Edition

The standard edition of Atomic Heart comes with the following:

  • Atomic Heart Base Game

  • Atomic Heart - Labor & Science Weapon Skin Pack

Gold Edition

The gold edition of Atomic Heart comes with the following:

  • Atomic Heart Base Game

  • Atomic Heart - Labor & Science Weapon Skin Pack

  • Atomic Heart - Atomic Pass

Premium Edition

The premium edition of Atomic Heart comes with the following:

  • Atomic Heart Base Game

  • Atomic Heart - Labor & Science Weapon Skin Pack

  • Atomic Heart - Golden Age Weapon Skin Pack

  • Atomic Heart - Atomic Pass

  • Atomic Heart – Digital Artbook

When does Atomic Heart come out?

Atomic Heart has a release date of February 21, 2023. The game will be available on consoles Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.


Is Atomic Heart available on Game Pass?

Yes, Atomic Heart will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one.

Is Atomic Heart related to BioShock?

Atomic Heart is not related to the BioShock game series. However, several gameplay elements seem to be inspired by BioShock's gameplay.

Is Atomic Heart going to be open world?

Sort of. There is a general area called Facility 3826 where players can explore and relax. The missions are story-based and follow the typical linear gameplay in most FPS action games.

Is Atmoic Heart multiplayer?

Atomic Heart is a single-player story campaign without co-op, local or online multiplayer.

Conclusion: Atomic Heart pulls down the iron curtain of a utopian USSR

After months of delays and few updates, developer Mundfish is ready to release Atomic Heart. With an idealized world, interesting characters, and heart-pounding action, Atomic Heart looks to be a good game. It is set to release on February 21, 2023, so there's not long to wait. It's exciting knowing we can play this game on day one with Xbox Game Pass!


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